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Friday, 23 February 2018

Strange dog

Trinity is very much like her Grandma Kahlua. They are the only 2 dogs who walk(ed) and use the back of the couch as part of their environment. Part cat??

Trinity is actually supposed to be in a crate. She hurt her left front leg playing with her brother on the ice. When it didn't get better in a few days I took her to the vet. He concluded, thankfully, that it was a soft tissue injury and has confined her to crate rest for three weeks!  She's going stir crazy despite my best efforts at supplying her with safe chewies and treat dispensing toys. But this is what happens when I open the crate!  Sorry girl. Back in you go!😔

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

They’ve taken over the house!

The puppies are much too big to be confined to one room in the house. They pretty much have the run of the main floor now. My job is pretty much chasing after them all day with paper towels and vinegar. It won't be too much longer and they will transfer out to the new puppy building. We are just doing a few minor adjustments to the facility and they will head out there.   More room to build muscles and start to learn a little independence. Although they are all courageous by nature, nurture is extremely important too. Just like you could do terrible things and erase the courage, you can spend extra time to encourage it. Everyone has to remember that the dog you get will be a perfect blank slate and what you do with that slate is up to you. The amount of time and effort you put in in the next few months will be rewarded tenfold later!

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Moving day! Almost.

The puppy play building is ready for its new tenants!  New floor, new shavings, new toys!  And tons of room to run and play!  

Monday, 12 February 2018

Email Problems

Since February 9th, my email has been shut down due to invalid certificate issues.  Whatever that means.  I am working on getting things back up and rolling ASAP.  Thank you for your patience.

Mary Ann

Thursday, 8 February 2018


Was trying to sort out some of my pictures today and I often am told I don't have enough pictures of Nova on the site.  So here are some!  Note the non-English on the x-rays as they were taken by one of Belgium's top veterinarians.  Also, the pictures of the younger version of her were taken in Belgium.  I brought her over at 14 months of age.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Nova Breeding

Nova went into heat about 2 weeks ago but never it never really progressed into a full heat. Sometimes they can have a split heat which means they start, then stop, then start again in a few weeks time. I'm hoping that will be the case with Nova. If she doesn't come into a full heat I will plan on breeding Fia when she comes in. She should come into heat near the end of February.

Mary Ann

Friday, 26 January 2018

Eyes are open!

Here are the six puppies at 2 weeks old!  Their eyes are open which means their ears are now open as well.  They are enjoying calm classical music at various times throughout the day. They are all getting handled as per the service dog puppy program requires but also just some good old family love!  They are being handled by men, women, and children which is extremely important.  All are members of my family.  They are not allowed to be touched by anyone outside the premises to protect them from disease.  

Their order is: Mr. Red, Mr.Blue, Mr. Green, Miss Pink, Miss Yellow and Miss Purple.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Thought You Might Find This Funny

These are before and after photos.  One is shortly after Cruz jumped into the box with the pups.  They are all eagerly chowing down!  

The second photo is what they looked like a few minutes later!  Definitely full and obviously time for a siesta!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

My Next Litter - Nova/Merlin

Nova went into heat about a week ago and I am just waiting for the correct time to breed her. Neither of the boys seem all that interested yet and they are the experts! I am accepting deposits for that litter now. I have 3 deposits of the 6 I will take. If you have sent a questionnaire but not heard back from me, it does not mean that you were not approved. If you were not approved, I would let you know and I would explain why. The main reason you might not have heard back from me is I have been even busier than I usually am! And still sleep deprived. Still getting up 4-6 times per night to check on the puppies. And they are still being puppy-sat 24/7. They have not been left alone yet. They are doing well so I expect I will be able to leave the ranch for a short period of time soon.

Mary Ann

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

I was talking to Kelly...

Kelly is the brand new owner of one of our 5 day old Cruz/Rommel puppies. She was asking about what books I recommend for training. First of all, it's more important to understand your dog before you start to train him/her. You have to realize that our dogs are not furry children and they do not think like what we think furry children should think like. (That was a mouthful!) Our dogs, think like dogs. Always have, always will. Dog's live for NOW. Living for NOW is something that you should be trying to attain, according to Oprah and a myriad of other self help gurus. But even though it is something we have difficulty with, dogs have always done it. You have to think about what is happening right now for your dog. Not 1 minute ago, not 30 seconds ago, and certainly not hours ago when he chewed up your favourite pair of shoes! This is something I hear quite often:

"Rover was so mad at me for coming home late from work, he chewed up my favourite shoes and pooped on the floor! He never does that! He was paying me back for being late! I can tell because when I ask him if he made a mess, he looks ashamed. He knows better. He was getting back at me!"

It's amazing how many times I have heard that story or something very similar. And it's as far from the truth as it could be! Do you want to know the real reason Rover pooped on the floor and ate your shoes? I'll tell you. Come back tomorrow to find out! (Sorry. Just kidding. That's what my marketing teacher says I should do to get more people to read my blog. How about instead of such ridiculous measures, you do me a favour and tell someone else what a great blog it is full of education and cute puppy pictures. The more people who come by and read posts like this, the more people are educated and will stop treated their dogs like furry children!)

Anyways, the real reason why Rover did those things is because you were late from work. But not how this owner is explaining it. Here's what really is happening. You arrived home at 7:00PM instead of 6:00PM. It just so happens that everyday at 6:15PM, he is out on a walk with you and he has a chance to eliminate his bowels. When 6:20PM arrives he's feeling like he should go but you still aren't home. By 6:30 he REALLY has to go and is feeling so anxious about not pooping on the floor, so he tries to distract himself by chewing on something. He's thinking of you so it only seems reasonable that he's going to find something to chew that belongs to YOU. And what smells the most like you? Your favourite shoes! You wear your favourite shoes more often than all of the others, so therefore, they smell the most like you! By now, it's 6:50 and he can't hold it anymore! We've all been there, right? So he goes. At 7:00PM you walk in the door. That's a whole 10 minutes after pooping and almost a half hour since he chewed the shoes. Forever ago. And as far as him looking "guilty"? Think about the tone you used to ask him. Wasn't it exactly the same tone you used the last time you got mad at him for something? Did you get into this garbage! Shame on you! etc. Hey! Give me back my sock! I'm late for work! GIVE IT BACK! Same tone, correct? He is reacting the same way as he did the last time you used "the tone" on him. Shying away, looking down, maybe even running away because the last time it was followed by a) a smack, b) locked in his crate, c) thrust out the door etc. If you don't believe me? Try it right now. Go point at some obscure place on the floor and ask him "Did you do this?! Did you make this mess?! I bet you dollars to doughnuts he will act the same way.

So, today's lesson was "How to Think Like a Dog". That's the very first step in training. There's a really good book by The Monks of New Skete. It's called "The Art of Raising a Puppy" It starts right from the very beginning… a very good place to start… You will see what I mean when you read the book. (another marketing tactic). After that one, read a book by the same authors called "How to be Your Dog's Best Friend". Both of these books not only have training information but also behavioural lessons that help you make sense of why your dog is doing what he's doing. On my web site, there are dog tags down the left hand side. If you scroll down to "Book Store" and click on that link, you can purchase any of the books listed there. It will link you thru to for your purchase. All money I receive from the sale of these books is donated to a local humane society. I see there is a glitch on the page so I'll get on that right away so you can use the links. If you can't wait, just write down the names of the books and purchase it through another outlet. But I will try and get it rectified by tomorrow ..

So, thank you Kelly for reminding me that it's not just training that I would like you to learn, but dog behaviour as well. You really can't succeed until you have both. Sure you can muddle along, but wouldn't you rather be an expert!

Take care everyone and happy trails!

Mary Ann


5 days old

Mary Ann

Off the usual topic but important

Mary Ann

Monday, 15 January 2018


Mary Ann

More photos

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

German Shepherds less than 24 hours old

Mary Ann


For those of you who have been here, you know we live in a  1950s farmhouse.  The insulation is wood shavings and over the years they have settled halfway down the wall.  The puppies' room is deliberately on the South side to take advantage of the nurturing affects (or is that effects) of the sun.  However, today I wish it was on the North!  The drafts in here are almost enough to blow out a match!  Of course I exaggerate but not by much!  The bitter cold wind is coming from the South today and Environment Canada says it's -23C with windchill.  It has been colder than that this winter for sure, but the wind was coming from the North and I didn't have new born puppies!  A dog's normal temperature is around 100-101F.  So the pups need that to cuddle up to and stay warm.  It is recommend that the whelping box have a temperature around 85F.  I pulled out all the blankets and made a 3 sided wall all around the box to stop the drafts.  And I pulled out my handy-dandy dog warmer that heats up to 101F.  It's an awesome heating pad as it is pressure sensitive and will only turn on when the pups are on it.  You can see from the pictures how they have cuddled up on it.  I plugged in an extra room heater as well (you can just see it on the left).  So between all that I think I'm winning the battle!

And the new whelping box is working out great!  It is 48"X51" and Cruz has lots of room to stretch out even when the puppies are spread out.  My last box was 7" shorter and it did me well for over 20 years.  But as generations progress, the dogs are slowly getting bigger and bigger.  I am actually trying to keep them to a reasonable size and picking the smaller pups to keep for my breeding stock.  But it doesn't seem to matter.  Just like our kids are bigger than we are, it seems it's the same with the dogs.  I'm on my 5th generation now!  Hard to believe!  

Well, I must go.  laundry to wash, dogs to feed, puppies to weigh, dogs to walk etc, etc etc.  Stay warm!